Giant Book of Battle Mats

Giant Book of Battle Mats

CHF 44.90



Attention Adventurers! The game is afoot, and it just got bigger!
The Giant Book of Battle Mats is a collection of 62 battle mat pages in a large lay flat spiral bound volume, A3 in size per page.

  • Designed to provide easy access to a variety of environments to be used for encounters.
  • The spiral binding allows the book to be laid flat and for each two page spread to be used as a single mat.
  • All designs have a 1" grid either as an overlay or as part of the design.
  • Pages are laminated so can be drawn upon and wiped clean using wet or dry wipe markers or chalk pens.
  • Designs are arranged so that they can be used as single pages or as part of a double page spread.
  • Size: A3 (11.69 × 16.53 inches)
  • Pages: 300gsm gloss laminated