Necromunda - Ash Wastes (English)

Necromunda - Ash Wastes (English)

CHF 229.90



  • Take the fight outside the hive and carve a trade route through the Ash Wastes
  • Features two rival gangs, including mounted fighters, and a selection of modular terrain
  • Introduce vehicles to this thrilling game of gang warfare

The boxed set contains:

26 plastic miniatures, each supplied with the appropriate Citadel bases:

  • 12 House Orlock models, including two Outrider Quads
  • 14 Ash Waste Nomads, including four Dustback Helamites

An array of modular Ash Wastes terrain including:

  • 2x Ash Wastes Hab Building
  • 1x Large Platform
  • 2x Small Platform
  • 5x Walkways
  • Double-sided gaming mat
  • All of the dice, tokens, cards, and templates needed to play
  • Rules for the weapons and fighters included in the box

Also included is a 176-page hardcover Necromunda: Ash Wastes rulebook containing:

  • Background on the Great Equatorial Wastes, including its inhabitants and notable locations
  • The rules for playing games of Necromunda, including rules for vehicular combat
  • Rules for fighting in the Ash Wastes, including unpredictable weather
  • Multiple scenarios and a full campaign to play through
  • Rules for creating your own gang